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Employment of foreigners

We comprehensively deal with administering the employment of foreigners in Poland. We coordinate the entire processes of employing foreigners or we cooperate with you by providing substantive advice and consulting for your cases.


This includes:

  • Obtaining Statements on entrusting work to a foreigner.
  • Obtaining work permits type A, B, C, D, E and S.
  • Obtaining temporary and permanent residence permits for employees.
  • Registering the stay of EU citizens.
  • Supporting the process of obtaining visas for our Clients’ employees.
  • Obtaining invitations for foreigners.
  • Training in the field of administering the employment of foreign employees.


We also offer additional services to our Clients, including:

  • Research of the housing market based on the needs of future employees.
  • Direct rental of apartments for the Client’s company by our company.
  • Technical support during the first weeks of stay in Poland: opening a bank account, entering into agreements with media providers, exchange of driving license, etc.
  • Guides for foreigners created for specific cities.
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