Employment of foreigners

Polish employers are increasingly facing challenges related to opening up the domestic labor market to foreigners. Many industries are struggling with a shortage of qualified staff, yet fear foreign recruitment and ask themselves, “how to employ a foreigner?”. Our offer fully meets the needs of entrepreneurs who decide to expand their team with people from other countries.


Many entrepreneurs ask themselves how to employ a foreigner. The answer to this question depends on many factors. The key issue is the origin of the candidate. The nationality determines how the relocation procedure of the foreigner to Poland will proceed.

Initially, it is necessary to determine whether the foreigner is a citizen of a European Union country or a so-called third country under migration law. If the employment concerns a non-EU foreigner, it necessitates initiating an administrative procedure to obtain documents allowing the employment of the foreigner.

The next important step in verification is confirming the candidate’s current country of residence, and consequently, determining whether there is a requirement to have a visa authorizing entry into the Republic of Poland.

We process all orders from our clients by starting with a thorough and detailed verification of the candidate’s documentation.  Thus, we confirm whether or not there are legal grounds to use a given path of legalization. 


After verifying the status of a given candidate, our team of immigration specialists prepares a relocation plan, determining the most convenient and fastest way to legally employ the foreigner.

The basic document that allows the employment of non-EU foreigners is the work permit. There are different types of work permits, depending on the form in which the employer wants to employ the foreigner. For the employer who has found a suitable employee from a third country, a work permit will be the most appropriate type of document.

There are also other special types of documents for foreigners, which make it possible to employ a foreigner. These include the declaration of entrusting work to a foreigner or specific types of visas.

Mobirel specialists will estimate for you at the initial stage of the foreigner recruitment process which of the employment legalization documents will be the most practical and suitable for a particular case. Mobirel specialist will also estimate when the employment of the foreigner will be able to take place, meaning when the required administrative proceedings will be completed.

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Our services are fully comprehensive, including support in obtaining a Work Permit in compliance with national and EU regulations, and guaranteeing the legal stay of foreigners in Poland.

The first document for a foreigner moving to Poland is, as a rule, a visa. All processes we handle related to obtaining Work Permits include full visa support. We have an internal Visa Support department, overseeing current procedures and supporting foreigners in obtaining visas that allow entry into the Schengen Area.

After the arrival of the foreigner to Poland, dedicated specialists begin procedures related to filing applications for all types of residence permits. We have extensive experience in representing foreigners in proceedings for granting temporary and permanent residence permits, as well as obtaining long-term EU resident status. The offer of legalization of residence is flexible and allows for adapting the scope of services to the needs of employers and foreigners.

Thanks to multifaceted assistance during the legalization of foreigners’ stay and comprehensive help in obtaining documents allowing for employment or delegation to Polish companies, entrepreneurs can focus on what is key for them – developing their own business – and leave administrative proceedings and contacts with Offices in the hands of specialists like the Mobirel team.

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Global trends in creating multicultural organizations, as well as labour shortages in many industries, mean that Polish employers are increasingly deciding to relocate foreigners. Employing foreigners in 2023 has already become a common practice.

Companies can choose from various models of employing foreign workers, from establishing traditional employment relationships, through civil law contracts, B2B cooperation, to the increasingly popular employee leasing.

Regardless of which form of employment you find most appropriate, which recruitment direction you choose, or in which industry you operate, the Mobirel offer is created to support your business in the area of broadly understood relocation, legal, and administrative services.

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