Why us?

Supporting your foreign employees requires good communication and expertise. The employees we support have a consultant assigned to them from the very beginning who conducts the process from beginning to end, giving them a sense of security and control over the course of the procedures.


Relocation processes are initiated by email. The persons designated by the Client are copied at all or the most important stages of obtaining permits.

We are also available to you in person. In each of the cities where our offices are located, we can organize a meeting within 24 hours.


Throughout the entire procedure, communication is standardized:

  • Messages are titled according to a unified standard
  • Single-threaded communication
  • Persons designated by the Client’s company are copied in the correspondence with employees
  • We reply to all inquiries within 24 hours or according to the designated KPI


Document management:

  • We ensure the secure storage of documents. Paper documents are stored in the main office, where they can only by accessed by authorized persons.
  • Documents are destroyed after the procedures have been completed.
  • Documents, both internally and externally, are transported via courier companies only.
  • Client’s employees’ procedures are tracked in the CRM system, allowing for efficient monitoring.
  • Access passwords to the CRM are changed every 30 days.
  • Our activities are based on applicable Polish and international law.
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