Employee Relocation

The process of employee relocation can significantly differ depending on the industry and the specific nature of a company, as well as the market situation. There are many reasons for relocation. The most common include the demand for skilled workforce, creation of new company branches or shared service centers in new regions.

Relocating Foreigners to Poland – Employer Needs

Relocating foreigners comes with various challenges and a series of processes that require good organization by a team of specialists responsible for each area, taking into account administrative, legal, and logistical issues, as well as the expectations of the employer and the relocated individuals themselves. Viewing the process as a whole answers the question of why it is worth turning to Mobirel for employee relocation matters.

As a company providing support services for foreigners since 2015, we have the experience that will ensure that your candidate will not only start working for you faster but will also more easily adapt and settle in at work in a new place.

relokacja pracownika

Employee Relocation with Mobirel Support

Our relocation support is comprehensive and begins at the planning stage of moving to Poland. Dedicated consultants will answer any questions about the moving process and life in Poland that a foreigner may have before arriving in Poland, as well as immediately after – thereby reducing the workload of your HR team.

From the moment your candidate obtains a work visa, in which we also provide our support, we offer you care over the remaining areas of relocation. Starting from the service related to the transport of personal belongings of the foreigner from anywhere in the world, through assistance in finding housing for foreigners (both short and long term), to comprehensive coordination of the employee’s family relocation and assistance in obtaining a work permit.

Relocation of an Employee’s Family

Moving to another country is often a long-term project that implies changes not only for the employed person but also for their family. After obtaining a work visa in their country of residence, the foreigner gains the right to come to Poland for work purposes. This also opens the way for the spouse and children to come to Poland, who, despite not having a separate work permit, can still apply for a national visa unrelated to employment to continue their family life.

To save foreigners the stress and worries associated with changing environments, we take care of them and their loved ones. In addition to the particularly common assignment of supporting housing searches for employees, we also offer a tenancy management service that includes, among other things, contact with the landlord on behalf of the tenants, help with any property malfunctions, and organizing cleaning and care of the property during the residents’ absence. We provide advice when choosing the right educational institution for the children of foreigners and assist during the enrollment process. We accompany foreigners in opening accounts at the bank of their choice and, of course, offer support in overcoming cultural barriers, which is facilitated by our guidebooks dedicated to specific cities, intercultural training, and Polish language courses. At the same time, we take care of the formal aspects of the legalization of stay in Poland for all family members and ensure the smooth progress of the entire process.

relokacje pracowników

Personalized Relocation Offer

An individual approach to each relocated employee is extremely important, as each company, person, and situation is different. Together with Mobirel, you can develop a personalized relocation plan, which can include services such as:

  1. 1. Extended pre-arrival consultations
    2. Support in obtaining a work visa
    3. Organization of property transport: coordinating the transport process according to company standards from any place in the world
    4. Arrangement of temporary accommodation for foreigners
    5. Support in renting the target apartment, and in concluding contracts with utility providers
    6. Tenancy management throughout the duration of the contract
    7. Support in the enrollment of children in educational institutions
    8. Opening bank accounts
    9. Obtaining address registration and national identification number (PESEL)
    10. Exchange of a driver’s license for a Polish one and vehicle registration
    11. Organization of Polish language learning
    12. Intercultural training

We provide you with constant communication and monitor progress in each process. We guarantee that the relocation of foreigners with our support will be a smooth and predictable process.

We invite you to contact us. We will be happy to discuss your needs and prepare a tailor-made offer for you.

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