This section is for other companies in the relocation business.

We are interested in cooperation with entities seeking partners in Poland in the field of migration services, migration law, relocation services, and the employment of foreigners.

If you are a representative of a company in the relocation business that is considering expanding its business to the Polish market, we are ready to offer you cooperation in the form of subcontracting. We can provide fast and efficient coverage of services throughout the country. We are able to provide support in selected aspects of the process of relocation and the employment of foreigners, or we can take on all of your clients’ orders. We operate in accordance with the highest international standards.

If your company already has experience on the Polish market and is looking to improve the terms of cooperation, we will be happy to arrange a meeting to get to know your expectations and work standards.

In matters related to cooperation, please contact us by phone at (+48) 790 688 068 or via email:

If you are interested in our offer, please call us: +48 790 680 062

    and we will call you